Clinican Supervision: Education for Future Clinicans in California

Statewide supervision offered virtually for flexibility and ease in meeting licensure hours and goals.

Working in mental health is a challenge for new clinicans seeking licensure. Burnout is incredibly common, so I find that I act not only as a mentor but also a coach and motivator. Whether you practice in a hospital, a non-profit organization, or community based mental health, clinical supervision will allow processing of new cases, fine tuning diagnosis, and creating appropriate interventions. Successfully navigating these complexities is vital to becoming a solid and well balanced provider.

I have also learned from experience that obtaining a license also includes stringent documentation, organization, and planning. I focus on creating a contract with my supervisees so that we can always be in alignment with licensing standards. This creates a clear path and to ensure licensure within allotted timeframes.

If this supportive structure sounds like it meets your needs, please contact me for a consultation.