What is counseling? What can I expect during a counseling session?

Whether you have been in therapy in the past or are seeking support for the first time, services can be tailored to meet your needs. Therapy sessions are held weekly for one hour on a virtual platform or by telephone. During those confidential sessions you and your therapist will identify the feelings or experiences which have caused you to seek help and will help create goals to improve your overall wellness.

How do I know if I’m ready to start counseling?

People seek therapy for many different reasons. Therapy offers a judgement free environment to process your current challenges and improve your overall well being. There is no “right” time to seek help.

Therapy Myths Debunked

In the past many people considered counseling to be for people facing traumatic experiences or who may be unstable. This is absolutely not the case. Therapy is only a private opportunity to explore coping, improve emotional stability, and to gain insight to past experiences.

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical Supervision is offered for post-masters level clinicians seeking licensure as clinical social workers. Supervision offers professional growth, development of clinical skills, and a full understanding of the ethical responsibilities of the counseling profession.

Consultation services are available for licensed clinicians in private practice seeking clinical support.

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