What is a Free Therapy Consultation? Good Question.

This is a conversation where you are able to ask any questions you have about Sara's expertise, therapy style, schedule, and fees.  This also allows your therapist to make sure there is a match between your unique mental health needs and the expertise provided.  Choosing a therapist is a commitment, and it's important to feel a sense of comfort and ability to be vulnerable. There are no silly questions. Make sure you are choosing the right person. Do you need more than 15 minutes to choose? Just ask and we can arrange a second consultation.

Meet with Sara by phone or video. 

No need to prepare, just call or text.


Are you unsure if therapy is right for you? 

There are no silly questions when it comes to your mental health. 

Please ask any questions that come to mind.

Bridge to Wellness Counseling

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker Corporation

Sara Fischer Sanford, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Licensed in California: CA92601

1700 Van Ness Ave #1334

San Francisco CA 94109

NPI# 1982379376

Member of the National Association for Social Workers

Verified on Psychology Today

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

"Smile as often as you can, it's free therapy"

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