Therapy is Best in the Comfort of Your Home

You don't have to experience trauma to suffer from poor self worth. One sentence from a parent, a comment from a friend, and even a coworker can change you. 

It's time to find your way back. 

Starting therapy for the first time or returning to treatment 

is not as challenging as you may imagine. 

Welcome. You are on your way forward.

Individual Telehealth Designed for You

Individual therapy is conducted by video one hour per week. This hour allows you to meet with Sara in the privacy of your home. Your best therapist is the person who makes you comfortable in your vulnerability. Feel safe, feel supported, find your comfortable space.

Telehealth for Couples Striving to Reconnect

All relationships take work. Not all relationships are shaped the same. Your relationship deserves to be a priority and be valued by your therapist.  Sara has experience working with couples who practice monogamy, polyamoury, and from every sexual orientation and gender. This is a practice where inclusion is valued.

Clinical Supervision for the Next Generation of Clinicians

Sara is licensed to provide Individual and Group Supervision services for future Social Workers or Marriage and Family Therapists. Let's work together to increase trained mental health clinicians in California and nationwide.