What to Expect from Your Session?

Each Session is as Unique as Our Clientele

It's important to tell your therapist about your week! What went well? What were your struggles? Did you celebrate a birthday or holiday? These simple updates make sure that your therapist knows about your day to day life. There are no details to large or too small. If it is important to you, please share. You would be surprised how much your therapist can learn about you by simply knowing how you move through your day to day. This is where we are looking for improvement, so it's a vital part of the session.

2. Focus on Your Therapy Goals

We all come to therapy for a reason, and the main part of your session will address this most imporant piece. This will include techniques that you were taught in therapy and if they are helpful. If you try a technique that is not effective, please share that too. The type of interventions to expect may include tools for reducing anxiety, improving sleep, reducing burnout, and managing a depressed or anxious mood. Sara is also a trauma informed therapist, so if you have a challenge from your past that affects your life in any way, you will be gently guided to understanding and improvement in this as well. Everything discussed in your session is confidential with few exceptions required by law. Details and specifics will be provided before therapy can even begin. Sara does not believe in surprises.

3. Preparing for Next Week

Your therapist will not force you to complete a worksheet (unless you love worksheets and homework!) Rather this is the in-between session tools and techniques you will implement to make sure you make progress. week to week You move at your own pace, but your therapist will encourage you to keep motivated. Change doesn't happen overnight, but you won't be doing this alone.